RJMetrics Relocates Global Headquarters by 436 Feet

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 3.07.38 PM

RJMetrics attracted great fanfare this past Tuesday by relocating its global headquarters to 1339 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, a location exactly 436 feet from its previous global headquarters at 1315 Walnut Street.

The move took 6 months from inception to completion, representing an average pace of 2.4 feet per day, or roughly one-thousandth the speed of a common garden snail.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, in both a show of support for local entrepreneurship as well as Philadelphia’s struggling oversized-novelty-scissors industry, joined the RJMetrics team for a ceremonial ribbon cutting.

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Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going


In May of last year I wrote to let you know some exciting news: we had raised $6.25M from Trinity Ventures. Trinity was as excited about our product, market, team, and customers as we were and wanted to partner with us on taking RJMetrics to the next level.

The funding allowed us to accelerate our product development timelines and to tackle even more ambitious projects. It allowed us to staff up our Account Management team to provide unparalleled consultative service to every one of our customers. And it allowed us to hire amazing new people in Sales and Marketing to teach the world how we can help them run their businesses better with data.

Yesterday we shared some of the results of this funding. Over the past six months, we’ve done some things that make us very proud:

  • Thanks to amazing work from our growing engineering team, we’ve made major improvements to our product and are working on some of the most ambitious projects in the history of the company.
  • Thanks to the expansion of our sales and marketing teams, we’ve grown our customer base at a 150% annualized rate.
  • Thanks to the creation and growth of our Account Management team, our customers are getting more out of our product than ever, and have the results to show for it.

Our mission at RJMetrics is to inspire and empower data-driven people. We’re thrilled to be achieving this mission faster and on a larger scale than ever. We can’t wait to see what 2014 brings. Stay tuned!

RJMetrics Mission Statement


When we started RJMetrics, Bob and I were able to stay on the same page without much trouble. We had similar ways of thinking, and collaboration between two people in the same room is easy.

As we have grown, it has become both impossible and undesirable for us to stay in the loop on everything the company does. We hired all of these amazing people, and we think it’s great that they conceive their own initiatives and run with them. However, it’s more important than ever to clarify what we do, why we do it, and have a guidepost for all of our actions as a company. That guidepost is our mission statement.

While our mission statement is first and foremost for our team, we’re happy to let everyone in the world know about it. We think that it will be useful for our customers, partners, vendors, and friends to have a clear sense of what drives us.

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Announcing the Launch of RJMetrics Client Analytics Services


Some things are just meant to happen.

As our customer base has grown, we’ve often been asked if we can lend a hand with the human side of analytics—incorporating RJMetrics into workflows and making pragmatic tactical recommendations based on data. Unfortunately, as a software company with a focus on building a scalable product, our answer was usually “no.”

Instead, we started referring our clients to an analytics & optimization services firm founded by Anita Garimella Andrews. We quickly learned two things: Anita was amazing at what she did and her clients became successful, engaged superusers of RJMetrics.

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RJMetrics Branding

We’re looking a little different these days. Here’s the story behind the change.

We always knew that we were more than just charts and graphs. We are the future of decision making. And it was time to start to look like it.

Much like Max Cohen from the 1998 throwback “Pi”, we needed to re-state our assumptions. And so, we asserted:


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RJMetrics Raises $6.25M Series A From Trinity Ventures

The past year here at RJMetrics has been an amazing experience. Our vision—changing the way businesses make data-driven decisions—is becoming more of a reality every day.

Today, we’re proud to announce a new partner on our journey: Trinity Ventures. Trinity has led a $6.25M Series A investment in RJMetrics and Karan Mehandru has joined our Board of Directors. We’ve known Trinity and Karan for quite some time, and we couldn’t be more excited about adding their passion, vision, and expertise to the RJMetrics team.

You can read more about the financing on TechCrunch, Technically Philly, and PRWeb, so I’ll spare you the boilerplate here.

Instead, I would like to take a minute to talk about what this news means for you, our customers.

Ever since our bootstrapped beginnings, customers have been the lifeblood of RJMetrics. This customer-centric philosophy is wired into our DNA, and it will continue to permeate our work as we put this new investment to use.

In just the past few months, we’ve rolled out a new dashboard user experience, a revamped chart builder, new ways to get your data into and out of our data warehouse, and a world-class customer success team.

This pace of innovation, which was bolstered by a small seed round last year, will now accelerate even further. Stay tuned for game-changing enhancements and, as always, please don’t be shy if you have feature suggestions.

Thank you so much for your continued support as we move into this exciting new chapter.

Announcing Our New Partnership with 21212

Not too long ago, Bob and I were were two guys with no customers and no product working out of an attic. The first years are tough, and companies rely on the advice and support of startup communities to make it through.

The best part of our job at RJMetrics is the chance to help new entrepreneurs succeed. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our partnership with 21212, Brazil’s premier digital startup accelerator. Through this partnership, every company in 21212 will have access to the same level of business intelligence that the industry’s leading companies use to power their decisions.

From the 21212 blog:

After completing our first two acceleration programs, and now in our third, we have come to realize the importance of data analysis in the entrepreneurial process. Starting a business is all about asking, and answering, a growing list of questions. What do my customers want from me? How much are they willing to pay? Where can I find them? Answering these questions successfully determines whether a fledgling venture will succeed or fail. And the only way to come up with answers is to dig into your data.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Good luck to everyone in 21212′s third class, and we’re looking forward to helping you grow.

Start2Cloud Names RJMetrics A Recommended Vendor

I’m proud to announce that RJMetrics is now a recommended vendor on Start2Cloud, a research firm that evaluates cloud solutions for B2B software.

Jan Kocfelda, Start2Cloud’s  head of business intelligence, had this to say about RJMetrics:

We at Start2Cloud love RJMetrics. It is one of the best BI applications out there, and they know that great analytics is not only about excellent software but skills and experience in the field are crucial too. Pursuing this notion, RJMetrics provides free implementation and training on top of every package offered. RJMetrics also manages your  data warehouse continuously and helps with any additional adjustments. There is no reason we wouldn’t recommend RJMetrics for any business looking for a great BI solution.

RJMetrics Featured in The Entrepreneurial Instinct

We’re in a book! Grab a copy of The Entrepreneurial Instinct.

Monica Mehta, reporter for BusinessWeek and frequent contributor to Fox News, MSNBC, and ABC news, just published a new book titled The Entrepreneurial Instinct. The book features interviews with successful entrepreneurs and discusses the circumstances and the thought processes that drove them to start their companies.

Beyond the stories, Mehta also dives into the psychology and neurochemistry of entrepreneurship and risk taking. She analyzes the personality traits that correlate with and enable entrepreneurship. Mehta examines the crucial role of the brain chemical dopamine, and she explains how its interacts with different parts of the brain during the risk taking decision process.

Finally, she goes into detail on practical exercises and personal finance tactics that can help people get comfortable with the risk, uncertainty, and anxiety that come along with the plunge into a new venture.

Bob and I were interviewed for this book, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. You can read about us in chapter 10, “Finding Inspiration,” on page 124. Get your copy of The Entrepreneurial Instinct today, I highly recommend it.

Why Our Success Means Client Success

Inside the walls of 1315 Walnut Street, you will find a group of sincerely dedicated, smart and driven people. I started here not so long ago and in that time I have found that the pleasure of working with the employees of RJMetrics has surpassed my expectations. Those who work here are truly engaged; they start the day with excitement and end the day accomplished. The success achieved here makes each working day a step in the growth of the company through the evolution of ideas.

My perspective is through support (makes sense, I am a support and implementation analyst after all) and in my time I have already marveled at the treatment of ideas. A simple support request can turn into a vibrant discussion of how to enable a new metric. It starts as “Hey, how could you….” and before you know it, you are walking through the office sweeping people up in the tornado of an idea. Of course, this one idea turns into five more. Finally the process is over. People are grinning with excitement from the idea-sugar rush and the baton is passed to the developers.

It’s these little successes, these little victories that make the day worthwhile. They drive passion and innovation that enable to us to constantly put forth a better product and better service. And to top it all, it’s not only a satisfying process but an empowering result. Our work matters because it matters to our clients. Our work enables someone else to understand their business better, to help drive their growth. Here in support, we teach our clients to understand the system and empower them to create metrics. Often this leads to that support request that turns into “Hey, how could you…” And the cycle is complete. There is a symbiosis to it all; which is why in the end, our success means client success.