A Lean, Mean Customer Acquisition Machine


Marketers (and their bosses) are obsessed with ROI. With good reason, of course. ROI is how you prove that what you’re doing is working, it’s how you make decisions, it’s the lifeblood of your marketing department. This focus on ROI isn’t bad, but it can have a tendency to obscure some of the more subtle nuances of customer acquisition.

It would make all of our lives easier if customers would simply conform to a funnel, a path, some kind of replicable pattern. Instead they interact with us whenever and however they please. One day a like means something, the next it’s nothing. One day they click an email and then never again. Interpreting these fuzzy behaviors is rough, far easier to just return to the hard and fast world of revenue. Not so fast.

All these little interactions, engagements, clicks, subscribes – while not much on their own – do add up. These little interactions are micro conversions and they form the foundation of your lean, mean, acquisition machine.

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