Not too long ago, Bob and I were were two guys with no customers and no product working out of an attic. The first years are tough, and companies rely on the advice and support of startup communities to make it through.

The best part of our job at RJMetrics is the chance to help new entrepreneurs succeed. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our partnership with 21212, Brazil’s premier digital startup accelerator. Through this partnership, every company in 21212 will have access to the same level of business intelligence that the industry’s leading companies use to power their decisions.

From the 21212 blog:

After completing our first two acceleration programs, and now in our third, we have come to realize the importance of data analysis in the entrepreneurial process. Starting a business is all about asking, and answering, a growing list of questions. What do my customers want from me? How much are they willing to pay? Where can I find them? Answering these questions successfully determines whether a fledgling venture will succeed or fail. And the only way to come up with answers is to dig into your data.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Good luck to everyone in 21212’s third class, and we’re looking forward to helping you grow.