We were thrilled to announce the launch of Magento Business Intelligence Essentials at Imagine 2017! Here’s a quick overview in case you missed it:

When Magento acquired RJMetrics last year, we immediately started talking to merchants of all stripes about their analytics needs. We quickly realized that there was a big opportunity for an entry-level Business Intelligence product that flexible yet powerful. Our core product (now known as Magento Business Intelligence Pro) is great for experienced merchants who are engaged in advanced cross-source analysis but we also want to serve merchants who are just discovering the power of their data. So we got to work. Magento has built a companion offering that is the perfect jumping off point for anyone getting started with commerce analytics.

Everyone at Magento BI strongly believes that all merchants should be inspired and empowered by their data. Even if you’re not equipped with a team of data scientists or SQL experts, you should still be able to gain business-building insights from your transactional data. When you sign up for Magento BI Essentials, you get access to five dashboards comprising roughly 75 reports at an affordable price point. These are best-in-class analyses, and the result of years of direct contact with customers. Now you can demystify your data and answer questions like: “How are my orders growing month-over-month? Who are my most loyal customers? Is my coupon strategy working?”

Armed with this information, you can optimize and grow your business.

One of the greatest things about Magento is its customizability—and just like a commerce platform,  commerce reporting solutions should not be one-size-fits-all. With Magento BI Essentials, you can define your own business metrics and customize your reporting to reflect your unique needs. You can adjust anything out-of-the-box and even create an unlimited number of reports.

Knowledge is power. It’s time to extract value from your data.

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