Today, we are happy to announce support for MongoDB in RJMetrics. This new functionality makes RJMetrics the first hosted business intelligence product to offer direct compatibility with MongoDB.

Some MongoDB users are already seeing the benefits. Crowdtap, a NY-based startup that makes marketing a collaborative process between brands and consumers, uses RJMetrics to extract actionable insights from their MongoDB database.

“RJMetrics integrated directly with our MongoDB backend, allowing us to conduct complex analyses without any additional tools or manual processes,” said Crowdtap’s CTO Kareem Kouddous. “What used to take hours in Excel can now be retrieved in seconds using the RJMetrics dashboard.”

MongoDB users get the same easy implementation process that our other customers have enjoyed. “The RJMetrics integration required no modifications to our MongoDB setup and only a very small time commitment from our team,” said Kouddous. “Thanks to RJMetrics, we are now harnessing the true value of the data we store in MongoDB.”

RJMetrics works with the existing data in your backend database to provide powerful, actionable analytics. Metrics range from basic reporting to more advanced analytics like customer lifetime value and cohort analysis.

RJMetrics also offers support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL databases. Learn more about RJMetrics or try it out today.