Following up on the new settings page, we are hard at work on improvements to the dashboards and charts in RJMetrics. We wanted to outline a few of the changes ahead of time so that you know what to expect. We are focused on making RJMetrics the best way for online businesses to get actionable insight from their data, and the new features reflect that. We are also going to retire two of our lesser-used features so that we can put more focus on the areas that matter most.


  • Easier ad hoc analysis – see the impact of your changes right away, no need to save or press preview
  • Single page chart editor – view all of your chart configuration settings at once
  • Eliminating the need for composite charts – anything that you need a composite chart for today will be doable with the new version of the standard chart editor
  • Drag and drop chart creation and editing – start viewing your data without configuration and get moving fast
  • Micro-editor for quick changes – no need to open the full chart editor for changes to the date range
  • Improved visualizations – easier to read and powered by javascript rather than flash

Retired features

We will continue to support both of the features below until September 15. After that, charts that use either will be removed from the dashboards. As a reminder, you can export the visualizations or data behind your charts if you want to hold on to this data.

Twitter – Social media tracking is valuable, but it was never our focus. We have gotten feedback from clients that Twitter alone is not very useful, and adding other social media services is not in our road map. We recommend checking out Argyle Social,, Radian6, and uberVU as great options for tracking and analyzing your influence through social media. For managing your various social media accounts, you can’t beat our client HootSuite.

Rank over time – There are actually two separate ranking features in RJMetrics, and we are removing the one that is very rarely used. You will be still be able to show the top 10 categories or the bottom 5% of users as described in this help center article. However we are removing the ability to choose a specific element and plot changes to its rank over time.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the upcoming improvements to RJMetrics.