We’re in a book! Grab a copy of The Entrepreneurial Instinct.

Monica Mehta, reporter for BusinessWeek and frequent contributor to Fox News, MSNBC, and ABC news, just published a new book titled The Entrepreneurial Instinct. The book features interviews with successful entrepreneurs and discusses the circumstances and the thought processes that drove them to start their companies.

Beyond the stories, Mehta also dives into the psychology and neurochemistry of entrepreneurship and risk taking. She analyzes the personality traits that correlate with and enable entrepreneurship. Mehta examines the crucial role of the brain chemical dopamine, and she explains how its interacts with different parts of the brain during the risk taking decision process.

Finally, she goes into detail on practical exercises and personal finance tactics that can help people get comfortable with the risk, uncertainty, and anxiety that come along with the plunge into a new venture.

Bob and I were interviewed for this book, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. You can read about us in chapter 10, “Finding Inspiration,” on page 124. Get your copy of The Entrepreneurial Instinct today, I highly recommend it.