Spring is here, and with it another RJMetrics hackathon. Our third hackathon saw more outstanding projects, more pizza, and more bleary eyes.

The Projects

  • An inside look at what we eat in the company kitchen using RJMetrics dashboards to track snack and beverage metrics.
  • An automated gong-ringer that will sound every time a new client signs up.

    Rohan and Ben test their project.

  • A new RJMetrics data connector, deployed on our Data Import API. It sucks down data from our marketing automation platform, Pardot, and updates RJMetrics dashboards on an hourly basis.
  • A dashboard that updates in real time. Hackathon_Shot1
  • A wiki search function for our newly upgraded company wiki on Github
  • A hack of our Keurig machine, which now refills on its own.

    Jake and Shaun are blown away by the endless coffee.

  • A prototype of a pivot tables, bringing all the wonders of Excel pivot tables to your RJMetrics data.
  • An A/B testing tool for sales conversations.
  • A new UI which allows us to enable or disable features for different users

The Results

Congrats to Bob Moore, Connor McArthur, and Cathy Lennon who took home first place for their real-time dashboard project! Second place went to Matt Monihan, Nate Vecchiarelli, and Buck Ryan for their pivot tables prototype. And third place went to Shaun McAvinney and Jake Stein for their A/B testing tool.

Turns out hackathons are a lot of fun. Maybe quarterly isn’t enough…!