We’re looking a little different these days. Here’s the story behind the change.

We always knew that we were more than just charts and graphs. We are the future of decision making. And it was time to start to look like it.

Much like Max Cohen from the 1998 throwback “Pi”, we needed to re-state our assumptions. And so, we asserted:



Put simply, progress depends on the human ability to interpret patterns in the world, and act on the information gathered. At RJMetrics, it is our mission to enable you to identify the patterns in your business, and make the smartest decision possible.

We then worked on how to represent this assertion visually. The search led us to draw inspiration from hundreds of images, readings, videos, websites, and objects until our walls were covered by the coolest stuff we could find.

During all this, we stumbled upon Plato, a man who used geometric shapes to explain the world around him. A world that was difficult to understand.

He used five solids:

5 Platonic solids with sectors

The first, a tetrahedron represents fire. The second, an octahedron represents air. The third, a cube, represents earth. The fourth, an icosahedron, represents water. But the fifth, the fifth was different. It represents something more esoteric. Plato called it the “ether.” We call it wisdom: an understanding of all the things in the world that appear too complex.

We found it inspiring that the solids weren’t just meant to represent elements of nature, but that these shapes naturally occur and can be found all around us. We identify with the beauty and simplicity of the shapes we see every day, and are fascinated by their complex definitions. Plato was onto something.

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