Whether you know it or not, you have a mobile strategy, even if it’s just “do the same thing for mobile that we do for the web.” This week in “Ask Anita” our VP of Customer Success, Anita Andrews, discussed how to create a mobile strategy that goes beyond a simple cut and paste job, and starts tapping into mobile’s unique opportunity.

Anita’s first bit of advice was, “Don’t try to solve the whole mobile problem at once.” From there, we tackled everything from responsive design to what kind of customers have the best AOV.

Here are a few of the highlights of the rest of our chat. The full session is available as a video to RJMetrics customers (contact your Account Manager for details).

Where should your mobile focus begin, and what should you measure?

When I asked Anita about where to begin in solving the mobile problem, she suggested turning the focus within to understand your customer experience and how you want to bring it to life on mobile.

What do successful companies focus on first when optimizing for mobile?

Anita shared an intuitive first step in optimizing your mobile performance before jumping to a mobile-only site or site-wide responsive design.

How can I know if a purchase came from mobile?

When it comes to the tactical level of measuring mobile success, even basic knowledge like, “what purchases originated from mobile?” can be elusive. Anita offered some specific tips on how to capture that information.

What is the importance of customers who cross over?

After we discussed measuring conversions for mobile, I shared some best practices around identifying potential “crossover” customers who purchase from both web and mobile.

Analyzing email opens as mobile interactions

Anita explained that one of your most important mobile metrics doesn’t even come from your mobile data — it’s hiding in your email campaign data.

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