Facebook has become an absolutely massive force in advertising. Last year Facebook generated $3.28 billion in display ad revenue, beating out Google’s $3 billion in display ad revenue. eMarketer estimates that in 2015 Facebook will generate $15.5 billion in ad revenue, claiming 65% of all social ad spend. And, arguably most important of all, Facebook is dominating mobile advertising, claiming 37% of all mobile display ad revenue in 2014.

It’s clear that advertisers love Facebook Ads’ reach and demographic targeting capabilities. As the platform has matured, we’ve gotten more and more requests from our customers to connect their Facebook Ads data to RJMetrics so that they can analyze marketing ROI, campaign CLV, and more. Today, all of these analyses (and more!) are available to every RJMetrics customer via our new Facebook Ads connector.

Connector setup could not be easier:

Once the data is syncing to your RJMetrics account, just link your Facebook spend data to your transactions data by campaign to understand the ROI of your campaigns. Or use the Facebook conversions table to measure the relationship between page likes and ad views on conversions.

Check out this example dashboard:


Beta users have been loving the Facebook connector. Aron Gelbard, Co-founder and CEO of online flower retailer Bloom & Wild says this:

The RJMetrics Facebook connector allows us to track all our marketing spend on Facebook down to the campaign level and associate it with lifetime value of the customers we acquire on Facebook. Facebook is one of our biggest marketing channels and so we’re now able to work out which campaigns to dial up or down in order to focus our marketing on customers who most value the Bloom & Wild offering. As a fast-growing flower gifting startup which customers use just a few times a year, it’s really valuable to have predictive data like this so we can accelerate our decision making.

Interested in measuring your Facebook Ads data? Sign up for our upcoming webinar, How to Measure Your Facebook ROI Using RJMetrics, to learn more, or try RJMetrics for free.

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