David Choe may be the luckiest guy alive.

Choe is a graffiti-style artist by day, and a gambler by night. His biggest win, however, didn’t come from slots or the baccarat table. The artist’s estimated $200M+ fortune comes from a job he took in 2005, in which he painted a mural on the walls of a budding Palo Alto startup called Facebook.

Instead of being paid in cash, the artist was paid in stock options. For Choe, this risky move happened to have paid off in an absolutely massive way. This isn’t always the case. As a matter of fact, it rarely is. Many people who have stock options don’t see any return at all. So, what is a stock option? How do they make people so rich? How do you get your hands on some?

In this inaugural episode of Data Point of the Week, RJMetrics CEO Robert J. Moore answers these and 13 more questions about employee stock options. Find out how stock options have made some people very rich, while leaving so many others with nothing at all. This is DPOW!