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Introducing Analyst Collective


Myself and several other members of the RJMetrics team have been hard at work bringing to life a brand new open source project. Analyst Collective focuses on providing workflow tools that enable analysts to work more like software engineers. We would love comments & contributions!

An In-Depth Look at Analyzing Stripe Recurring Revenue in SQL


Over 10,000 companies use Stripe to process their transactions. If you’re one of them, I highly recommend checking out this post: it’s the very first open source analysis published under Analyst Collective and it’s exhaustive. Most analysts still conduct financial analysis in spreadsheets—I’d love to see that change.

Riley Newman on Data Science for Startups


When Riley Newman joined Airbnb nearly six years ago as one of their first 10 employees, he was working from the co-founders’ apartment. Today, he’s one of the most well-known data scientists in the world. This podcast is not to be missed: Riley shares his thoughts on storytelling, the role of data in an organization, and more.

Why AI development is going to get even faster. (Yes really!)


While it seems that AI development has been moving insanely quickly over the past two year, Jack Clark argues that it’s going to get even faster. Why? The typical Moore’s Law reasoning is one factor, but the author’s core argument is different. Clark says that Deep Learning has become so broadly useful and applicable that there is a massive community of people and companies working in the field pushing it forwards.

All the data about the US you might ever need

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 3.53.31 PM

Want data on a career, major, or municipality in the US? This extremely impressive (and just-launched) website has you covered. Consider this the US News and World Report ranking of…everything.

Gartner Says BI is Dead


Of course, Gartner is also known to exaggerate for dramatic effect. This article does a great job of walking the reader through the more subtle point that Gartner is trying to make: that BI has shifted from being an IT-led undertaking to one that is led by business units, and in that process has become something fundamentally different.

Quote of the Week

“A computer science degree is like the liberal arts degree for the next century. It’s useful for everything.”

Brad Schumitsch

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