Some things are just meant to happen.

As our customer base has grown, we’ve often been asked if we can lend a hand with the human side of analytics—incorporating RJMetrics into workflows and making pragmatic tactical recommendations based on data. Unfortunately, as a software company with a focus on building a scalable product, our answer was usually “no.”

Instead, we started referring our clients to an analytics & optimization services firm founded by Anita Garimella Andrews. We quickly learned two things: Anita was amazing at what she did and her clients became successful, engaged superusers of RJMetrics.

Anita’s work helped us better understand how RJMetrics was being used in the real world, which made us a better product company and contributed to customer success across-the-board. As it turned out, these kinds of client services played into our vision perfectly. It was time to bring it in-house.

Today, I’m excited to announce that Anita Garimella Andrews is joining the RJMetrics team to launch our new offering: professional analytics services for RJMetrics customers.

The Client Analytics Services (CAS) team will bring a whole new level of support for our clients, many of whom are growing so quickly that it’s hard to keep up with fulfillment, much less comb through the data needed to optimize for future growth.

CAS will focus on helping you answer the following key questions:

  • What metrics should I be focused on for this stage of my business? And, what are good benchmarks for those metrics?
  • How should I be looking at this data?
  • What is all this data telling me? What are the actionable insights?
  • What are the specific, doable tactical recommendations for me to optimize my website or marketing efforts?

Anita was previously VP Ecommerce for Nutrisystem. She has also led product and marketing for a variety of successful SaaS, e-commerce and social startups in the Bay Area. And she’s exactly the right person to lead this new area of growth for RJMetrics.

Every online business has a mountain of data at its disposal. But as Anita likes to say, “there’s nothing intrinsically great about having a lot of data. You have to put it to work for you.” I couldn’t agree more.

If you’re interested in having Anita and her team help you put your data to work, tell your Account Manager today!