RJMetrics attracted great fanfare this past Tuesday by relocating its global headquarters to 1339 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, a location exactly 436 feet from its previous global headquarters at 1315 Walnut Street.

The move took 6 months from inception to completion, representing an average pace of 2.4 feet per day, or roughly one-thousandth the speed of a common garden snail.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, in both a show of support for local entrepreneurship as well as Philadelphia’s struggling oversized-novelty-scissors industry, joined the RJMetrics team for a ceremonial ribbon cutting.

After a rousing speech, Nutter privately requested that CEO Robert J. Moore explain to him “exactly what it is that you do here.” Moore instead opted to share the story of how the company’s logo used to look like a pair of underpants, undoubtedly leaving a more memorable impression with the busy politician.

Co-Founder Jake Stein is excited about the prospect of being two blocks closer to customers located in New York, which he expects will facilitate faster sales cycles and more responsive customer service. He also says that the move will provide him some well-earned personal space, having spent the previous 12 months sharing both a small office and an uncomfortable amount of stale, uncirculated breathing air with his co-founder.

Meeting space at 1315 Walnut was indeed a scarce resource, as board meetings were routinely conducted at a ping-pong table and staff members had taken to holding stand-up (and occasionally sit-down) meetings in the mens room.

Fortunately, the new office will provide plenty of room to spread out. With two refrigerators, a kegerator stocked with local beers, convertible standing desks for all employees, a game room featuring ping-pong and foosball, comfy couches, and whiteboard paint throughout, RJMetrics has constructed an ideal space to accommodate its growth and thriving company culture. It has also drastically increased its chances of winning the 2014 Ernst & Young Award for “largest quantity of stereotypical startup stuff in one contiguous space.”

See below for some photos from the company’s recent move and ribbon cutting event. If you’re interested in checking out the new space in person, you can apply for one of the many open positions at RJMetrics today.


Community members and press gather in anticipation of free bagels.


Jake Stein, Deputy Mayor Alan Greenberger, and Robert Moore watch in horror as Mayor Michael Nutter destroys a perfectly good length of ribbon.


Mayor Nutter remarks on the startup climate in Philadelphia; Stein does his best James Franco impression; Moore contemplates how much jail time he would get for stealing the giant button on the front of the podium.


Nutter, Moore, and Greenberger collaborating on which hilarious prank to pull on a developer who had forgotten to lock his workstation. They eventually switched his keyboard layout to DVORAK.


Some of the fine art from the old space at 1315 Walnut.